Weirdo in the Park Ambient Loop
Doldrums [Chiptune Loop] Chipstep Loop
Chipwave Synthwave Song
Creep Lab [Chiptune] Synthwave Loop
Stressed Out [Chiptune] Chipstep Loop
Go Be the Hero [Chiptune] Chipstep Loop
Cotton Sky Video Game Loop
Won't Forget You [Chiptune] Chipstep Song
Alien Invasion [Chiptune] Chipstep Song
Knight Fight [Chiptune] Chipstep Loop
Chipper Tune Chipstep Loop
Everything's Fine [Chiptune] Chipstep Song
Regicide [Chiptune] Chipstep Song
Wizard's Grotto [Loop] Chipstep Loop
Game On, Boy [Chiptune] Chipstep Song
Lost in the Maze [Chiptune] Video Game Loop
Quirky Quarks [8b loop] Video Game Loop
Fox Tails [8-bit] Chipstep Song
Watching the Snow [8-bit] Chipstep Song
Day by Day [8-bit] Chipstep Song
Burning City Video Game Loop
Little Monsters [8-bit] Chipstep Song
Northern Castle [8b loop] Video Game Loop
The Castle in the North Chipstep Song
Maybe Tomorrow [8-bit] Video Game Song
Desperate Times [loop] Video Game Loop
Frozen Heart [8-bit] Video Game Loop
Somber Background Loop Ambient Loop
8-bit Insomnia Video Game Loop
Desperate Times Video Game Song
Marching Protons Video Game Loop

2011 Submissions

Cold Winter Skies [Chiptu Video Game Song
Teardrop Grotto Video Game Loop
Road to Ruin Video Game Loop
Chipstep Chipstep Loop
[SB] 8-bit Combat Video Game Loop
8-bit Frolic Video Game Loop
8-bit Werebunnies Video Game Loop
Rainy Day Trance Trance Song
Elektric Orkestra House Song
You Don't Know (ohoh) Dubstep Song
Alien Dance Loop Techno Loop

2010 Submissions

Full Moon Waltz Trance Song