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I wish I was better at stuff.

9/17/13 by SuperBastard

I'll just keep practicing, I guess.


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Know how ya feel. It's like you're so close to doing what you want but you know you have been lazy. Try doing something calming and think for a while. Maybe take a shower, walk, or meditate. With the art you make, you are gonna go far!

I envy your skills as a musician.

9/18/13 SuperBastard responds:

Hah, thanks bud. I appreciate it.



Same here man. Same here.

9/18/13 SuperBastard responds:

Well, hopefully by the time we're old and fading we'll have at least caught up.



Keep at it, have a positive outlook/goals on the stuff you're practising on, and you'll get there probably.

9/17/13 SuperBastard responds:

I just feel like I'm lagging behind where I want to be. I've wasted too much time.